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You are a queen, and don't

let anyone tell you otherwise.

You are royalty, being that you

are a daughter of the King. God

created you in His image and likeness 

and crowned you with glory and honor.

The only thing fit for a queen . . . is a king.


This devotional is designed to prepare you for the king

God is sending you. You have to prepare mentally and 

emotionally for the man God wants to bring into your

life. He's not sending you a regular man; He's sending

you a king, a man of high value, a man who walks in a 

level of confidence and possesses a high calling on his

life, a man who knows who he is and Whose he is. So

you have to get ready by first discovering who you are

and understanding your value and worth.


You deserve the best; but in order to receive the best, 

you must first think and carry yourself like a queen. It

is time for you to become the woman you were created

to be so you can attract the man you deserve.

A Queen Waiting On Her King

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